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If you think you might be a victim to gum disease, then there are symptoms you can look for just to make sure. Now remember: It’s very important to schedule an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Thomas Anglemire and Dr. Ross Schafer, if you suffer these symptoms. Gum disease is a dangerous dental issue that needs to be taken seriously. The symptoms involved are:

– Bleeding gums (Gums that bleed occasionally, especially while cleaning the smile and eating. Many people believe that bleeding gums is natural, but healthy gums do not bleed)

– Receding gums (Gums that shrivel away from the teeth and expose the tooth roots. Healthy gums stay close against the teeth and protect their roots)

– Red gums (Gums that are dark in color. Healthy gums should be a light or dark pink)

– Swollen gums (Gums that are puffy, inflamed, and even tender. Healthy gums should be tight and flat in the mouth)

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