If you are searching for discreet, high-quality treatments to improve your smile, search no further! Granger Family Dentistry offers Lumineers® in Granger, Indiana, to enhance the appearance of your teeth. These ultra-thin dental veneers have many benefits. Please contact us at (574) 277-5406 to learn more about Lumineers, and schedule your consultation with Drs. Anglemire and Schafer.
Lumineers® are special, ultra-thin dental veneers. Their unique thinness helps them to mimic the natural appearance of your tooth enamel, and prevents the need to grind down your original tooth structure. This makes the bonding procedure much more comfortable for you. Lumineers are extremely durable, and can last for more than 20 years. Additionally, they help correct crooked, discolored, and stained teeth to make your smile brighter and more beautiful.

When you receive Lumineers, you will need to schedule two visits with our dentists, over a two-week period. During your first visit, our talented dentists will create a mold of your teeth, and will consult with you to determine the correct shade of white for your Lumineers. This mold will then be sent to the DenMat Lab, where all Lumineers are created. In your second visit, our dentists will carefully bond your new Lumineers to your teeth. This bonding process will take about an hour.

There should be no post-placement sensitivity following your treatment. Lumineers are designed to feel natural and comfortable from the moment they are placed on your teeth!

We welcome you to contact our office for more information on Lumineers® and to make your appointment with our dentists.

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