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It’s very common to wish your smile were just a little different, especially if you suffer from stubborn discoloration or staining or have teeth that look irregular or crooked. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there are a variety of solutions, but many patients have not heard about the wonders of Snap-On Smile®.

Snap-On Smile offers a simple, rapid way to transform the appearance of your smile. It functions as a removable appliance that fits right over the full arch of your teeth to improve color and stained teeth, enhance misshapen teeth, cover large gaps, and restore missing teeth. Snap-On Smile is created in a dental lab from quality dental resin that is very thin and durable and can be worn even during mealtime.

Another advantage is that Snap-On technology doesn’t require the teeth to be reshaped, unlike many of the alternatives for cosmetic and restorative procedures. You do not need to alter your teeth in order to accommodate Snap-On Smile.

The process of placing the appliance is quite easy–we will form impressions of your smile to form the basis of your new appliance, and then you will come in a second time to receive the finished product.

Dr. Thomas Anglemire, Dr. Ross Schafer and our team are committed to finding the best possible cosmetic dental solution for you and your smile, and Snap-On Smile in Granger, Indiana, might just right. Please call 574-277-5406 today to schedule your appointment with our dentist at Granger Family Dentistry PC!