Test What You Know About Smile-Healthy Foods Here

It’s important to know about smile-healthy foods, especially because eating more smile-healthy foods and avoiding smile-damaging foods can help you have the strong and healthy teeth and gums you need. So, our dentists, Dr. Thomas Anglemire and Dr. Ross Schafer, encourage you to test your knowledge on smile-healthy foods today. You can do so by… Read more »

Are You Getting Enough Water?

When the weather is hot, and you have been working hard, or you have been playing or practicing on the field or in the gym, you might want to reach for a sports drink. If you are starting to feel that mid-afternoon lag at work, you could start craving an energy drink. At the end… Read more »

Floss – All the Cool Kids Are Doing it

You may never have thought of flossing as something all the “cool” kids are doing. And you know what? Most of the “cool” kids we remember from high school probably aren’t flossing. But the kids who have great health – both oral, and throughout the rest of their body – are flossing. If you want… Read more »

Oral Cancer Screening: What to Expect

Oral cancer includes cancers of the mouth and throat. Oral cancer is much easier to treat in the early stages, so it is important that it be detected and treated as soon as possible. Because of this, Dr. Anglemire and Dr. Schafer offer oral cancer screenings in , , during regular dental appointments. Oral cancer… Read more »

Handy Oral Hygiene Tricks

Do you want a strong and healthy smile? If so, you need a top-notch oral hygiene routine. Unfortunately, it is possible to have a poor oral hygiene routine or to perform the oral hygiene tasks incorrectly. It’s best to develop the best oral hygiene techniques possible so you can reduce your chances of harming or… Read more »

How to Help Your Smile Recover After Wrestling Season

Did you struggle to keep your smile in tip-top shape during wrestling season? If so, our dentists, Drs. Anglemire and Schafer, strongly encourage you to restore the health of your teeth and gums as soon as possible. The longer you ignore your dental problems, the more severe they can get. So, to help you help… Read more »

Banish Dental Flaws From Your Smile With Porcelain Dental Veneers

If you are considering dental veneers to enhance your smile, our dentist and dental team are happy to help! Dental veneers are designed to cover the faces of your front teeth to mask any unwanted tooth imperfections and improve the appearance of your smile. We would like to help you better understand what to expect… Read more »

Receive Your Optimal Smile in a Snap!

It’s very common to wish your smile were just a little different, especially if you suffer from stubborn discoloration or staining or have teeth that look irregular or crooked. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there are a variety of solutions, but many patients have not heard about the wonders of Snap-On Smile®. Snap-On Smile… Read more »

Procedure of a Root Canal

The expected result of a root canal is to fix a gravely infected tooth rather than to completely extract the tooth. Treatment is done by taking out the infected pulp, sanitizing the hollow space, then fill and cap. Commonly, the root cause that requires a root canal is the progression of a bacterial infection that… Read more »

All About Aging and Dental Health

To protect your smile as you age, it is important that you are taking the necessary steps to give yourself the proper oral health care treatments and eating the right foods. Additionally, the treatments you receive from your oral health care provider can make a huge difference and ensure that your teeth can efficiently last… Read more »