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A flaw in your smile that others may not notice but you see every time you look in the mirror can be fixed with a dental veneer. Whether it’s discoloration, a chip, misshapen or stained tooth, Dr. Thomas Anglemire and our dental staff want to provide the best dental service we can for your best smile.

A veneer is composed of a slim piece of porcelain that is placed on your front tooth to hide flaws and protect your teeth from further decay or stains. The first step you take towards the installation of a dental veneer is consulting with your dentist what the best treatment is for your smile. If a veneer is the best path for you, then they will determine the best color with a swatch, and the best shape according to your smile and specifications.

While your dental veneer is being made, you may have a temporary one placed until it is made and you can return to the dentist’s office. Your dentist will then prepare the tooth by scraping off the top part of the tooth enamel and wash it before completely drying it. A dental adhesive will then be spread on the natural tooth before the new veneer is placed.

After it is put into place, the veneer will be cured with an ultraviolet light and trimmed of any extra material before polishing it for a final shine! Schedule a follow-up with our team by calling 574-277-5406 at Granger Family Dentistry PC. Call our dental clinic in Granger, Indiana, for your best smile today!