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When the weather is hot, and you have been working hard, or you have been playing or practicing on the field or in the gym, you might want to reach for a sports drink. If you are starting to feel that mid-afternoon lag at work, you could start craving an energy drink. At the end of the day over a cozy dinner, a glass of wine might sound nice.

The fact is that the best drink for your teeth is water. Sports drinks are fine if you limit your intake and have one after a workout. Energy drinks contain sugar and stimulants, and both can contain acids that can damage your teeth. Coffee and tea and red wine can stain your teeth, and white wine has a high acid content which can discolor your teeth.

Water on the other hand helps to keep your mouth hydrated and is a great way to offset the effects of dry mouth. It also cleans the acids and foods debris from your mouth. If you live in an area that fluoridates the water supply, every drink you take strengthens your tooth enamel. Bottled water may not contain fluoride, so it is a good idea to consult with the American Dental Association, or talk with our dentists, Dr. Thomas Anglemire and Dr. Ross Schafer, for a recommendation.

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